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Growing Pains: When to expand product suites, product teams, and ICPs

Updated: Jul 21

Josh Chin sat down with Scott Williamson, ex CPO of GitLab, to discuss a number of insights related to product, ICP, open source, and more.

As Chief Product Officer for GitLab, Scott led a team of 65 in Product Management, Product Operations, Growth, Pricing, and Corporate Development functions.

Here are the main topics we touched on:

  • 1:20 - When is the right time for a startup to bring on a product leader?

  • 4:02 - When is the right time for a startup to expand their ICP?

  • 5:40 - How do you know when you’re tapping out your existing ICP?

  • 7:17 - What is some advice for open source startups looking to go from project market fit to product market fit?

  • 10:44 - When should a company start thinking about shifting from a point solution to an end to-end platform?

  • 14:05 - What’s the best way to navigate the transition from point solution to platform

  • 16:51 - What are some tips for winning the hearts and minds of developers?

Check out the video for the full discussion!

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