How we work


At Ansa, we are doggedly focused on growth. For us, growth means redefining benchmarks, breaking glass, and establishing the new standard - we set the pace for new markets, and build legendary companies. It’s not just a statement we make. It’s a living, breathing reality that our companies experience every day.


Ansa was founded to seize an opening - to create a new model for venture. We believe that an equal and aligned partnership as industrious as the founders we support is what today’s founders deserve. We built Ansa to be different – our GPs don’t outsource the work. We have an intentionally concentrated portfolio and are obsessed with helping our founders seize their opening.


We are founders too. We are entrepreneurs and live with you in the trenches. We've built software from the ground up, hired world-class teams, taken countless companies public, and navigated the complexities of choppy markets. We are committed to being your most impactful partner.