Growing Pains: Navigating the Data Journey with Michele Rizzato

10 min

Michele Rizzato, former SVP of Data at Arcadia and Slice, offers startups a clear roadmap for scaling their data operations. In this episode of Growing Pains, Michele taps into his vast experience to guide startups through the critical aspects of data management and strategy.

✓ Planning for the future is paramount - understand how to develop a data strategy that aligns with long-term business goals.

✓ Choosing the right data tools is crucial – learn to select scalable technologies that will accommodate your growing business needs.

✓ Centralized data leadership is essential – discover why appointing a data leader is pivotal for maintaining data integrity and driving insights.

Michele also tackles the complexities of software selection in a crowded marketplace, illustrates how AI can align with and amplify human ingenuity, and emphasizes the importance of ethical AI practices.

Dive into the conversation for a full suite of strategies and personal stories that underscore the importance of a robust data framework.

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