Growing Pains: Scaling a go-to-market motion in an emerging market

3 min

Shabdha from Ansa had the chance to sit down with the Head of Product at Coalition Inc, Jen McPhillips, to talk about building and scaling a go-to-market motion in a new market. When Jen joined Coalition in 2018, the business had raised just one round of funding and was a team of 15; today, Coalition serves over 175,000 customers and is valued at over $5Bn.

Here are the highlights from many of the valuable things discussed:

✏ When Coalition was founded in 2017, the world was just beginning to hear about data breaches. How did the company approach setting up a GTM and its early marketing strategy as the cyber insurance market was just emerging?

✏ Coalition had an early strategic decision to make about whether to work within existing insurance distribution channels, or to build a new distribution channel. What were some of the early insights that led the business to choose to work within existing channels?

✏ How did Coalition successfully navigate expanding from a single product (cyber insurance) to multiple products and multiple verticals?

✏ As Head of Product Marketing, what are the KPIs and metrics that Jen uses to measure the success of her team?

Check out the video for the full discussion!

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