Growing Pains: Scaling Operations for Long Term Growth with Matt Resnick, Morning Brew's COO

5 min

Ansa sat down with Morning Brew COO Matt Resnick to unpack five key topics that startups should consider when scaling operations for long-term growth. Since joining Morning Brew in 2020, Matt has seen the company multiply its headcount, launch new products, and overcome threats to their business model.

✓ Here are three highlights from the many the valuable things we heard:

✓ Most startups are overly focused on the short-term – build a plan for 2-3 years into the future to concentrate minds around the core growth objectives.

✓ Your employee base is the number one cost – don’t get carried away with hiring during boom periods and stay aligned with the long-term plan.

✓ Constantly evaluate your KPIs to keep pushing yourself – watch out for vanity metrics that don’t serve business objectives and be careful of over indexing on what’s working.

We also managed to get Matt to share stories of how he navigated personal growing pains through his professional career, so be sure to check out the video for the full discussion!

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