Ansa Revenue Council: Your Partner in Building a Sustainable Growth Engine‍

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The Challenge: Transitioning from Founder Led Sales to a Scalable Go-To-Market Engine 

As startups exit their early stages, operators must build new workflows and tools to acquire, retain, and upsell new customers faster. From hiring initial BDRs to testing marketing channels to hiring leadership, we’ve seen the long-term impact of building a world-class go-to-market organization. Ansa is focused on accelerating that transition, leveraging senior, experienced talent from today’s market leaders. Why recreate the wheel when you can work directly with MongoDB’s first GTM hire, Snyk’s CMO, Amplitude’s Head of Partnerships, or Retool’s CRO? 

At Ansa, we understand these challenges and know that your go-to-market strategy is the critical foundation for long-term success. The Ansa Revenue Council isn't just another consulting group – it's a team of experienced executives who have built customer acquisition engines from startup to IPO at industry leaders like Snowflake, Elastic, and GitLab. They've faced the same challenges you're facing, and they know all of the tips, tricks, and common mistakes to avoid to reach your goals faster.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but custom coaching that fits perfectly for your company, team, and stage. 

Why Choose Ansa?

Unparalleled Expertise: Our council members have a proven track record of driving revenue growth for startups, from a couple million to nine figures of high-quality revenue. They bring firsthand experience, know-how, and understanding of the critical decisions that can make or break go-to-market scaling a success.

Actionable Customized Strategies: We don't just offer theoretical advice, but custom strategies to drive outcomes faster. Our council gets in the trenches with your team, implementing practical, data-driven strategies that are tailored to your specific needs. 

Focus on High-Quality Growth: Our approach goes beyond just increasing revenue. We believe in building a sustainable growth engine for your long-term success - building high-quality revenue, improving retention, scaling upsell and cross-sell, and building efficient channels. As a firm, Ansa concentrates its time and resources on a select group of portfolio companies and specializes in operational scaling and go-to-market expansion. This targeted focus extends to our Revenue Council, ensuring strategies that are viable and customized to drive significant and sustained growth.

Our focus at Ansa is to provide strategic guidance in three key GTM areas:

  1. Scaling Customer Acquisition: Increase the velocity of your new customer acquisition, creating efficient, systematic acquisition channels and developing key workflows to identify, win, close, and onboard target customers. 
  2. Building a Scalable Business Model: Refine pricing, improve customer service, optimiza costs. Hone your business model efficiently to maximize value to both you and your customers. Build repeatable workflows, scalable policies, and expand your target customer set. 
  3. Expanding and retaining customers: Build and price new cross-sell and upsell opportunities, increase attach rates, and develop best-in-class retention techniques and workflows 
  4. Optimizing Talent Acquisition: The team is the foundation for successful growth. From BDRs to sales leadership, hiring, investing, and retaining team members is key to consistent high performance. Writing job descriptions, building compensation plans, accessing new networks, and optimizing career paths. 

The Ansa Advantage: Your Strategic Toolkit

The Ansa Revenue Council will help you optimize your strategy using their own experiences and expertise. They're not afraid to get their hands dirty, diving into the trenches with your team to implement practical, actionable strategies to improve: 


  • Expand Target Market: Test and grow new customer types, develop new use cases, and move into new geographic regions and sectors 
  • Build Top of Funnel: Grow a high-velocity top-of-funnel machine focused on efficiency and quality. 
  • Build Channel and Strategic Partnerships: Use channels and partnerships to propel faster growth, develop accretive contracts and workflows, negotiate effectively, and drive opportunities to completion 
  • Differentiate from the Competition: Improve how you market your competitive differentiation, cut through the marketing noise, strategize what feature additions drive faster conversions 
  • Expand Marketing Channels: Identify and leverage the most effective channels to reach your target audience, both free and paid. Test scalability of marketing channels and effectiveness of messaging. Optimize SEO, content, affiliate, paid, and other channels
  • Optimize Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC): Test and optimize CAC, data-driven identification of the best target customers, improve tracking across channels, and refine customer acquisition strategy 
  • Benchmark GTM: Forecasting market trends, competitor approaches, and customer behavior to establish measurable goals and gain a competitive edge.


  • Develop Lead to Close Workflow: Build consistency across the sales process, improve sales cycle velocity, and create repeatability that can scale 
  • Optimize Sales Operations: Build sales infrastructure, workflows, and tooling, perfect rep onboarding, optimize compensation packages to align incentives, improve sales engineering and onboarding, and improve technology. Improve Pricing: Develop and test new pricing strategies, launch and price new products, create consistency in contracting and pricing, optimize discounting 
  • Build Better Systems: Improve data collection, integrate high-ROI software and systems, improve internal communication, build data-driven decisions communication platforms, and data flow for enhanced efficiency and workflow.
  • Build Best-in-Class Teams: Build high-performing marketing, sales, and growth teams. Build repeatability and scalability into your company hiring DNA. Determine compensation plans, optimize onboarding, refine employee engagement, and ensure top employee retention. 

Making Go-To-Market a Competitive Advantage 

We built the Revenue Counsel to make go-to-market a competitive advantage for each and every company in Ansa’s portfolio. Through customized support from the world’s most experienced growth operators, let Ansa help you build a best-in-class organization.  

Scaling comes with many challenges and roadblocks that require timely and accurate solutions. 

When you partner with Ansa, you’ll gain access to unrivaled expertise and develop a toolkit of actionable strategies that you can leverage throughout your growth journey. 

Meet our Counsel:

Meghan Gill - SVP of Sales Operations & Sales Development at MongoDB

Meghan Gill, as the Senior Vice President of Sales Operations and Sales Development at MongoDB, has been a cornerstone in the company’s evolution from a startup to a publicly traded entity. Joining as the first go-to-market hire and eighth employee, Meghan has been instrumental in MongoDB’s strategic direction in sales, pricing, and marketing, earning numerous accolades for her leadership. Her commitment extends beyond company walls, advising various startups and championing diversity in tech, particularly advocating for women in enterprise software.

Scott Williamson - Former Chief Product Officer, GitLab (GTLB)

Scott Williamson brings an extensive background in product leadership and strategy as a Product Advisor, with a focus on creating stellar product experiences in Cloud Computing, SaaS, and DevOps. His comprehensive market and technical insights were honed through significant roles, including the Chief Product Officer at GitLab, and strategic positions at Twilio Inc. and SendGrid. Scott’s expertise lies in product strategy, pricing, and market analysis, contributing to his reputation for elevating product offerings and driving market success.

Eli Schwartz - Growth & SEO Consultant

Eli Schwartz is an acclaimed SEO expert and consultant with a decade of experience elevating the digital presence of major B2B and B2C companies. His strategies have dramatically increased revenues and market visibility for clients, including Shutterstock and WordPress. As the leader of SurveyMonkey’s SEO team, Eli played a pivotal role in international expansion and transforming SEO into a major revenue stream. His thought leadership is recognized globally, with features in TechCrunch and keynotes at prestigious venues.

Jeff Yoshimura - Former Chief Marketing Officer, Elastic (ESTC)

Jeff Yoshimura has distinguished himself as a marketing and sales strategist with a track record of guiding B2B startups through rapid growth and toward public offerings. As the former CMO of Elastic and a pivotal figure at Zuora, his strategic vision in subscription pricing and integrated marketing has been crucial. At Snyk, Jeff redefined marketing operations, enhancing the brand and accelerating revenue growth through innovative channel strategies and robust content creation.

Ghazi Masood - Chief Revenue Officer, Retool

Ghazi Masood, the Chief Revenue Officer at Retool, drives the company's revenue strategies across global markets, significantly influencing sales and customer success. With previous pivotal roles at Microsoft, Oracle, and Auto0 (Okta), Ghazi’s leadership has skyrocketed revenue from $28M to over $180M in four years. His two-decade career spans enterprise sales, revenue operations, and channel sales management, showcasing his ability to scale operations and drive substantial growth.

Tai Rattigan - Former Head of Partnerships, Amplitude (AMPL)

Tai Rattigan, co-founder of Partnership Leaders, has substantially scaled Deel's global partnerships and elevated its ARR to beyond $100M. With a rich background in sales and channel development and educational credentials from MIT and Stanford, Tai has established himself as a significant influencer in the technology and financial services industries. His strategic acumen and leadership have been pivotal in nurturing and expanding business relationships on a global scale.

Jeff Frazier - Head of Global Public Sector, Snowflake (SNOW)

Jeff Frazier, Vice President & Head of Global Public Sector at Snowflake, excels in leading go-to-market strategies for the company’s public sector vertical, pushing growth in a multi-billion dollar market. With a robust background that includes leadership roles at Cisco, Microsoft, and several startups, combined with a noteworthy public service career including the FBI, Jeff leverages his comprehensive experience to drive impactful public sector initiatives. He also contributes to global policy as a Senior Executive Fellow at Harvard and a Council Member at The Stimson Center.

Brian Flynn - Head of Partnerships, Retool

Brian Flynn, Head of Partnerships at Retool, excels in driving partner revenue and fostering innovative go-to-market strategies across the B2B SaaS sector. With over 15 years of global leadership experience at companies like Alteryx and UiPath, Brian’s expertise spans process automation, software development, and digital transformation. His strategic vision focuses on leveraging partnerships and advanced technologies like machine learning to double partner-influenced revenue and achieve substantial growth milestones.

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